1.7.2 update

  • 25th October 2013
We have now updated our vanilla jar to 1.7.2!Follow the video below on how to update your server:Bukkit is currently not updated to 1.7.2 yet, we expect it to be updated within the next couple of days but there is no ETA, watch the version column on this page for 1.7.2. If it appears and we have still not posted an announcement stating ...
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Phone Support

  • 13th October 2013
You can now ring us up if you have a question or need support!UK Number: 02895 813535US Number (Phoenix): (602) 910-5858All calls are charged at standard network rates. E.g. if you live in the UK and phone the UK number, you will only be charged the price of a UK landline call. Keep in mind that if you live out of Phoenix when calling our US ...
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How to update your server to 1.6.4

  • 20th September 2013
We have updated our Bukkit  jars to 1.6.4! If you would like to update to 1.6.4 then you will first need to delete any existing jars in your FTP root directory. To do so, on go to your server page then files -> FTP File Access. Login with your multicraft password. Look for jars named craftbukkitdev.jar or ...
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  • 5th September 2013
An exploit has been found that only affects bukkit/spigot servers. This exploit allows anyone to login as any username on an online mode server, if your server is in offline mode and you have a plugin such as authme then you are not affected.If you do have an online mode bukkit server then you must immediately go to your FTP on multicraft (files ...
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