Vanilla Snapshot update (14w03b)

  • 16th January 2014
We have updated the Vanilla Snapshot JAR on Multicraft! To update your Vanilla Snapshot server to 14w03b, simply follow this knowledgebase guide.
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1.7.2 Bukkit Update

  • 1st December 2013
We have updated the "Bukkit: Development" jar on our control panel, if you'd like to use the new build then follow this knowledgebase article. Keep in mind development builds of Bukkit are unstable and may have major bugs so keep that in mind before switching! If you want to be safe, it's best to wait until a Recommended build of Bukkit ...
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Node 4 and 8 downtime for SSD Upgrade [COMPLETED]

  • 13th November 2013
On Friday 13th November 2013 at 6PM GMT 0 Nodes 4 and 8 will be going offline for up to 3 hours while we upgrade their Hard Drives to SSDs. This is part of our new initative to start upgrading our Premium Boxes while keeping the price exactly the same to provide you with even faster servers and the best possible uptime.If you have any questions ...
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1.7.2 Experimental jar + Big Dig Added

  • 12th November 2013
Spigot 1.7.2 has been added to the Multicraft jar dropdown but keep in mind this is an extremely experimental build. It contains no 1.7.2 features apart from a few 1.7.2 blocks, the server icon and the abilitiy for 1.7.2 clients to join your server.If you plan to use this jar keep in mind our support team will provide little help if things go ...
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