BukGet - Install plugins a few easy clicks!

  • 6th May 2013
We have added BukGet to multicraft! This means that by going to files -> BukGet Plugins you can search for plugins, select the plugin you want and click install! It has never been easier to install plugins!
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Jars updated to 1.5.2!

  • 2nd May 2013
We have updated the following jars to support 1.5.2!

  • Vanilla Minecraft Server
  • Spigot
  • Craftbukkit (development build)

We will constantly update these jars as more 1.5.2 builds are released.

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Prices drastically reduced + coupon

  • 28th April 2013
We have now drastically reduced our prices! We now charge $10/GB RAM but you will also notice it becomes cheaper per GB as you buy more RAM from 1.5GB upwards. 

Remember that we also have a coupon code, enter opening at the checkout for a further 50% off for your first month!
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