Affiliate Program

Spartan Host's Affiliate Program is designed to reward you for referring customers to us.

Everyone can participate in the program, even if you don't have any services with us. To get started, simply register an account if you haven't already done so and then visit here.

Simply give out your referral URL displayed on the affiliate program page and once someone clicks on the URL, if they purchase a service from us within 90 days you will get a commission for each service purchased with us, including upgrades, within the 90 day period. You will continue to receive commission on a recurring basis as long as the service is active. The commission will be in a pending state for 60 days after the initial purchase or subsequent invoice payment. 

Commissions can be withdrawn on the basis that the referred account has the purchased service active for 60 days. You can withdraw your commission balance by using the 'Request Withdrawal' button on the affiliate page and replying to the opened billing ticket stating whether you want the commission as credit added to your account or to Paypal.

A minimum amount of $10.00 (or the equivalent in your currency) is required for a withdrawal in 'Available to Withdraw Balance'.

Recurring Commission Rates





Web Hosting


DDoS Protected Proxy  


Dedicated Servers

1 - 5%

You can view the terms and conditions here

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