Why can I not connect to my FTP? Print

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With our webhosting, clients can sometimes find that they are unable to connect to their FTP due to various reasons, some of these are listed below along with fixes:

  • It's common to use a FTP client such as Filezilla to connect to the cPanel FTP. The host field, username and password fields should be the username and password we emailed you in the email titled 'Spartan Web Hosting Account Information' upon purchase. If you still cannot connect to your FTP then go onto the next point.

  • Sometimes your FTP client may become stuck at e.g. 'Retrieving directory listing...' for similar. In Filezilla's site manager (ctrl + s on Windows or command + s on Mac), select 'Only use plain FTP' for the Encryption and under the 'Transfer Settings' tab select 'Active' as the 'Transfer Mode'. After completing this, try reconnecting. If you still cannot connect then open a ticket with our support department providing screenshots of the errors.

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