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Plugin requirements:
- Essentials (Essentials Chat jar)
- Factions
- MassiveCore


Step 1: Go to your essentials config and scroll down to the essentials chat section ( -> Files -> FTP File Access -> login -> click on 'plugins' -> click on 'Essentials' -> click edit beside the 'config.yml')

Step 2: Change the 'Format:' to '{factions_relcolor}{factions_roleprefix}&r&f{factions_name} &r{DISPLAYNAME}&r&7:&r {MESSAGE}' including the 's at each end.

Step 2a: If you are using an old version of factions then the chat format needs to be '{faction_relcolor}{faction_roleprefix}{faction_relcolor}{faction_tag} &r{DISPLAYNAME}&r&7:&r {MESSAGE}'. If using the default version of factions then you need to use the above format.

Step 3: Go on your server and type /ess reload

Step 4: Done! Your chat should now show the faction and role a player has in a faction.

If you have any difficulties doing this then don't hesitate to contact us via live chat or ticket support.

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