Recently we have had issues with DDOSing on some of our Budget plan server boxes. The DDOSing has affected other clients who do not have a dedicated IP as well as affected everyone on the server box using their FTP. We have thought long and hard for a solution for this and have come up with one. We now have put in place DDOS protection for shared IPs and our FTP IP to prevent our FTP ever becoming inaccessible on our budget boxes due to DDOS as well as one client getting DDOSed affecting all clients with shared IPs.

We have installed the new protection system on only one of our budget server boxes so far, if you find you cannot connect to your FTP anymore if you use a FTP client then please check files -> ftp file access on multicraft to see if the FTP IP has changed or not.

We will be installing the protection system on the remainder of our server boxes within the next few days. If your server is currently inaccessible, please contact us via live or ticket support so we can move your server onto the new DDOS protected IP.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

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